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“Peter is very diligent and gets the job done, no matter what.” Bob Krupka

“Peter Corcoran was a member of the wardroom at Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard while I was in command. In every facet of his assignments, he demonstrated solid leadership, management, and technical capabilities. He was quick to complete his necessary qualifications and contribute to the team effort, not only in watch standing, but also in our primary mission. Having earned a Lean-Six Sigma Green Belt, Peter proved instrumental in the planning of major submarine repair projects. While serving as Deputy Engineering and Planning Officer, he applied much of his new knowledge in helping to develop the various repair strategies for the many integrated submarine systems. Because of his superior writing and organizational skills, I placed him on a special team as a collateral duty to review and edit the command’s report for a major inspection. The Naval Sea Systems Command Inspector General team leader noted that it was the “best written, organized, and presented report I’ve seen.” I strongly recommend Peter Corcoran for senior leadership and management positions in the public or private sector, in large or small organizations. He will rise to every challenge.” Frank Camelio

“I served with Peter Corcoran at the Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard when I was the Operations Officer from 2005 to 2006. He is very organized, exceptionally conscientious, and hard working. I was confident that he would excel in the most challenging assignments, so I had no qualms about assigning him to projects that were essential to the command’s mission.

He was the Deputy Chief Test Engineer for the USS LOS ANGELES SSN 688 Pre-Inactivation Restricted Availability, the first ever conducted by the shipyard. He directed 15 personnel in completing over 100 undocking tests for the $43.8M/105K manday nuclear submarine overhaul. This was the highest priority work for the shipyard at the time, and he got the testing and undocking schedule back on track and kept it there.

He created and managed the Resource Manning and Training Plan for the USS COLUMBIA SSN 771 Depot Maintenance Period Availability. An 04 serving in an 05 billet, he supervised all aspects of the project’s Readiness to Start key events, drove timely and early completion of Project Planning Timetable milestones, and acted in behalf of the Project Superintendent on several occasions. He was personally responsible for the project’s successful transition from planning to execution.” Ralph Soule