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Child support is a vital and necessary tool used by the legal system to ensure that children are cared for and protected, regardless of the custody relationship they have with their parents. These funds are used to supplement the cost of healthcare, housing, food, clothing, education, and more.

If you are curious about child support laws and how they may affect you, contacting a child support law firm is the best place to start. Our firm has been working with families to resolve issues and concerns that arise with child support for over 15 years. As trusted attorneys in Bowie County, you can be confident that your needs will be met and your concerns will be addressed.

What Is A Child Support Agreement, And How Is It Created?

In the state of Texas, child support is typically determined by a formula provided by the state and is then ordered by the court. You can find the child support calculator provided by the attorney general’s office by visiting this link. While a judge will make the final determination on whether or not child support is needed and what amount will be acceptable, you have the right to present your own agreement to the courts for approval.

This child support agreement can include a voluntary agreement to pay child support in any amount, or even ask the court not to order child support at all. Many factors can affect what parents may be able to agree to and whether or not an agreement may sufficiently protect the needs of the children and parents in these matters. Because of this, the best first step is to contact a child support agreement lawyer.

An attorney can work with you to ensure that you are following the legal procedures necessary to form a solid agreement and answer any questions you may have along the way. Our firm has worked with parents in many different situations to find agreements that can find court approval and secure an outcome that works for all parties.

How Can You Enforce Child Support Payments In Texarkana, TX?

When child support payments stop coming in, it can cause immense hardships for the children and parents who rely on the supplemental income to be financially secure. While enforcing child support orders can prove to be a complicated process, there are always tools at your disposal to ensure that these court-ordered payments are honored.

The best way to start is to notify the other parent of their delinquency in a formal letter. If they do not respond or fail to make an appropriate response, it’s crucial to contact a child support lawyer as soon as possible. An attorney can help you to evaluate your options and take action to secure your child’s wellbeing.

Can A Child Support Order Be Modified?

The court provides several different ways for child support to be paid each month, but for an order to be modified, the courts must approve it. This process can take, on average, about six months, and throughout that time, you are still obligated to pay as much as you are able.

Because modifying these orders can be difficult, speaking with a child support modification lawyer who specializes in this area is essential. In a consultation, you can discuss your goals and reasons behind seeking a modification with an expert and gain insight into what your path may look like moving forward.

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