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Texarkana Civil Litigation: Your Path To Dispute Resolution

Civil litigation enables ordinary individuals or companies to seek legal action to resolve disputes or receive compensation for harm or injury. Texarkana residents may find themselves in civil lawsuits for varying reasons, from divorce to employment disputes, but may not know what to expect, or how to reach the best possible outcome.

That is where having an experienced civil law litigator on your side becomes essential. Someone like Peter Corcoran, who has been guiding Texarkana residents through their Texas and federal civil lawsuits for decades.

What Issues And Disputes Can Be Resolved Through Civil Litigation?

While law shows often focus on criminal trials, in Texarkana, you are far more likely to need a civil litigator during your lifetime than a criminal one. That is because civil law covers a broad spectrum of disputes, disagreements, cases, and topics.

In Texas, the most common civil cases you are likely to encounter are:

  • Personal injury or property liability cases help you recover damages or compensation after you have been hurt, perhaps after a car accident or a slip or fall.
  • Divorce and other family law cases also fall under civil law.
  • Business litigation offers a means to solve contract breaches and other disagreements between companies.
  • Employment or Malpractice disputes, both of which are examples of individuals struggling to get justice against companies.

These are just some examples of the over one million civil law cases filed yearly in Texas. While many of these are administrative and procedural or will quickly get thrown out for lacking evidence or contention, many more will require months or years of work to be resolved.

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Gathering Evidence And Preparing Your Civil Litigation Case

Texarkana Civil Litigation: Your Path To Dispute Resolution One reason why having an experienced lawyer on your side can make such a difference in any type of civil litigation case is the difficulty and complexity of gathering evidence and preparing your case. Whether it is securing interviews and depositions from witnesses, requesting and verifying documents, or engaging in discovery with your opposition, building the bones of your case is far from simple. Without the help of a civil law attorney, your commercial contract case, for example, or automobile crash claim have little hope of success. Indeed, every year, hundreds of thousands of cases will require the work of civil litigation lawyers to resolve, either through a settlement or by going to court for a trial.

What Can Texarkana Residents Expect From A Civil Lawsuit Settlement?

Going to court is expensive, risky, and not always necessary. Most cases can be solved without a trip to the Texarkana district courthouse. Instead, these disputes can be resolved via settlement. Negotiated with the help of an experienced dispute resolution lawyer, a settlement is almost always a compromise that both you and the opposing party prefer to the uncertainty and expense of a trial. They can also offer a much faster resolution than a lengthy court process, which can be reason enough to pursue one. Settlements are usually monetary, but might not always be, and sometimes come with conditions one or both parties attach to the agreement. The flexibility to determine the exact outcome, rather than accept the judgment offered by a judge or jury, is what makes settlements one appealing way to resolve many civil law disputes. But as civil litigation lawyer Peter Corcoran of Texarkana can attest, sometimes an agreement cannot be reached; and in that case, you will need to take the dispute to civil court.
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How Do Civil Litigation Disputes Get Settled In Court?

Civil Litigation Lawyer Texarkana Texas If you are unable to negotiate a settlement, you will have to take your civil litigation case to court. There your lawyer will present and argue your case. Most likely this will happen in front of a judge, though some cases may require or choose to opt for a jury. The civil court offers a particular advantage for those who have the burden of evidence, proof, and argumentation in their favor, as you could win full compensation, and damages or avoid having to pay anything, depending on your position and the case. On the other hand, if the evidence is balanced and the issue complex, a court decision could become seemingly arbitrary, especially with a jury. A skilled civil litigator, however, will know both how to present your case and which arguments to make to give you the best possible chance of a favorable outcome.

Peter Corcoran, An Experienced Texarkana Civil Litigator

Choosing your lawyer could end up being the single most significant decision you have to make when facing civil litigation. Indeed, you will want someone who not only can guide you through every step of the process, but also give you the best chance of a favorable settlement or resolution. A civil litigation expert like Peter Corcoran, who has been fighting for the rights of Texarkana residents in both district and Texas state courts, as well as represented and litigated against companies both large and small up even to federal court, would be an ideal choice. You can call him today for an initial consultation if you are considering or faced with a civil lawsuit to start building your civil litigation case.
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