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The world is a place immersed with creative people. We have the technological advances and comforts of modern living because of the innovative and visionary ideas that dynamic people have brought to life. We wouldn’t be where we are today without the gifted minds behind the designs, artistic works, and inventions that run our world on a daily basis.

Unfortunately, the road to innovation may be an uneven intertwined path filled with unexpected twists and turns for some innovators. Sometimes, technology, artistic works, inventions, patents, trade secrets, and designs in progress are in jeopardy of theft, misappropriation, and infringement. It is vital to counsel with an intellectual property attorney in Los Angeles, CA if you fear that your work is in danger or vulnerable to misappropriation.

The law provides protection for creations such as designs, artistic works, literary works, recipes, machines, devices, proprietary formulas, unique systems, logos, symbols, words, software, applications, and much more. Such creations and works are known as intellectual property.

Depending on the type of intellectual property, there are four categories of rights or protection. The four types of intellectual property rights are copyrights, patents, trademarks, and trade secrets. Each category has a set of procedures and requirements a person must follow if they wish to register or further protect their work. However, creations or works are not restricted to only one category of rights or protection. For example, an invention may employ patent, trademark, and trade secret protection rights.

Regardless of the type of intellectual property, if you fear that your work is being used without your knowledge or permission, it is imperative to seek the assistance of an attorney with experience in intellectual property litigation in Los Angeles, CA right away.


Some creations do not necessarily need to be registered to be protected by the law. However, it is wise to register work for added legal protection. Creative works such as novels, poems, art, plays, scripts, photography, music, computer programs, advertising, and articles, for instance, do not require the work to be registered or copyrighted. Even so, it is still best to register works or creations with the U.S. Copyright Office for optimal protection against plagiarism, reproduction, distribution, and other forms of violation. If a work is being reproduced, distributed, plagiarized, or infringed upon, an intellectual property attorney in Los Angeles, CA can assist with the best legal solution for a copyright case.

Copyrights cover a whole slew of works and creations. It is wise to talk to a knowledgeable intellectual property attorney in Los Angeles, CA in regard to work that should be protected.


Most people do not think about the process that initiates the numerous items, products, household goods, and technology that is used daily. Products, goods, and technology are born from a concept or idea that leads to a tangible invention. But before an invention is introduced to the world, it should be protected – this is where patents come in. Patents protect an entity’s invention or creation. It is an exclusive right given to the inventor for their invention, product, or process. However, in order for a patent to be granted, the invention, product, or process has to have a useful purpose, be original, and non-obvious.

Patents cover a wide range of items such as computer software, computer hardware, internet advances, machines, jewelry, makeup, sporting goods, and business methods or systems. As long as the invention or creation meets patent eligibility, it can procure a patent and acquire intellectual property protection rights.

Protecting intellectual property and patent rights can be complex. The law provides patent protection; however, without the right legal representation in regard to intellectual property litigation in Los Angeles, CA, the process can be extremely challenging. Corcoran IP Law, PLLC, is ready to provide its clients with years of knowledge and ingenuity to assist them with their patent legal needs.


The world is surrounded by trademarks. It is safe to say that we can easily recognize various trademarks by simply driving around, surfing the web, or watching tv. Trademarks are designs, signs, words, phrases, symbols, and logos that identify a product or service produced or provided by a company, entity, or person. Trademarks can also be associated with brands. For instance, the majority of people can recognize the Nike Swoosh, McDonalds’ Golden Arches, and Google letters.

Similar to copyrights, trademarks do not need to be registered. However, protecting a trademark by registering it can save a person or company from ownership issues, infringement, and other costly legal matters. If someone else uses your trademark knowingly or unknowingly, they are infringing upon your rights. There are significant advantages to registering a trademark. When a trademark is registered, the owner has protection against others who seek to register the same trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Even when trademarks are successfully registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, legal problems can still arise. Other sources or entities wanting full control of a trademark can happen. Protecting a trademark should be done under the guidance of a skilled intellectual property attorney in Los Angeles, CA who can help clients navigate the intricate legal process of intellectual property law.

Trade Secrets

A lot of corporations and individuals depend on exclusive proprietary information, formulas, systems, programs, processes, techniques, recipes, and methods known as trade secrets. Trade secrets are significant to a company, business, or individual’s economic value. Many entities depend on trade secrets to have an edge on their competitors. This type of intellectual property is not registered with the government but is required to remain secret from the public. Trade secrets should only be accessed by a select few. Disclosure agreements should be an essential requirement in securing and protecting a trade secret.

If a trade secret is misappropriated by an employee, another individual, or company, legal action can be taken. In order for a trade secret to be protected by the law, it has to be proven that the intellectual property’s value lies in keeping it secret. The measures taken to keep the trade secret from the public eye will also be scrutinized to validate its secrecy.

Individuals with cases that involve trade secret misappropriation should consult with an experienced intellectual property attorney in Los Angeles, CA. Your attorney can ensure that your case meets the definition of a trade secret in court and that your case is aggressively represented to procure a favorable outcome.

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